Marriage Invitation

Monday, February 7th, 2011

In an office somewhere…   1 New Mail!  Email body:  A wedding is a start of togetherness...  of walks in the rain, basking in the sunshine, shared meals,  and sensing the love that a marriage carries!  With God's grace, and our parent’s blessings, at last the day has come when Me & Sunil are taking a step forward to begin a wonderful life together!  'Please be there as we look into each others' eyes, hold hands and exchange vows to be there for each other. Forever'  - Sunita & Sunil     Office Coworker: Hey great news! Congratulation! You never told me you had a boyfriend...Good you’re getting married to someone you already know.    Bride: Boywhat? No, it's an arranged marriage.   Office Coworker: Wha? What about all that everlasting love crap then?   Bride: Well duh, it's a marriage invitation. What do you expect me to say?   Office Coworker: But but..then you have sent incorrect information through company email. This is against company policy! Didn't you read the 2 page footer in our email signatures? Please to correct this ASAP and send again before EOD!    Later that day…  Dear All,   You are invited to stuff yourself with free food, while I get married to the man my parents have chosen for me. He’s from our own caste and gotra, because let's be fair, who wants to be honor killed by dad over this?   In return of the free food, and the chance of getting photographed with us on the stage, please bring nice gifts. No flowers please, and if you're planning to gift a clothes iron, food mixer or bedsheets, then on the way to the venue, you can stuff them up your own ass.   Please treat this email as a personal invitation from both of us. I did not want to waste printed cards on office people. I don't really expect, or want you people to come. Goddamit, I already tolerate you assholes 5 days a week. I don't want to see your faces while I stand next to my unfamiliar husband with my face full of golden metal, trying hard to smile through the congratulatory parade of strangers....     I'm emailing this to all office people as an intimation of my marriage. So know now that I'm married and stop hitting on me, you miserable bastards. ಠ_ಠ      RSVP – Names of distant relatives who don't really mean anything but whine if you ignore them. Also that greasy uncle who used to touch me inappropriately when I was a kid.

Marriage invitation text ideas provided by @skodithala and  @mikig2.

A new comic after several months. I was extremely busy taking photos,  feeding poor children, working towards world peace and being interviewed by @gkhamba for this following podcast.

Official Plug-age of The Khamba Podcast!

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The @gkhamba

Be sure to check his blog for other episodes of his new and upcoming podcast series. Hey, at least he didn’t start a webcomic!

Khamba’s Podcasts – Saad Akhtar FYF by G Khamba

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