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Budding Poets

Sunday, December 21st, 2008 | Comic with 14 Comments

Each One, Teach One. One is Fun. Ham Do, Hamare Do, Singh is King…. We’re not over the Socialistic mindset of the 60’s with regards to government slogans. It has to rhyme. Doesn’t matter that it makes no sense as a sentence, or does not get the message across. Also, the artwork isn’t….  umm….. mature, shall we say? I wonder if there’s only one guy thinking up slogans AND drawing the characters.

I personally love the ones from the Dept. of Health. Check out the one about T.B.

Woah There! Forget getting your mucus tested, you just spat out your lungs. Then there’s another poster about Saving Water which I’ve been trying to shoot. Shows a girl brushing her teeth. And it’s actually a demon foaming at the mouth. If anyone has that photo, send me the link.

Also, got this interesting poster about “What-to-do-when-diarrhea-strikes-during-a-civilized-dinner-conversation”

Also, the Comic Captioning Contest is still on, and it’s the last day. So if you haven’t sent your entries YET, please do. There’s prizes and shit.

And YES, the fat guy with the paunch works in advertising.
: Strange Advertising Slogans.

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First Comic Contest

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 | Comic with 25 Comments

I’m trying something new here. The first contest on the site! (Instant Rimshot)

You have here, a blank comic strip. You provide the dialogues and the best entry wins. You can send as many entries as you want. You can embed this comic in your blog, and invite YOUR readers to send in THEIR entries. The top 3 winning entries will be posted on the site as comic strips.

And what about the prize money, you may ask? Well, for starters I’ll send in a large print of YOUR comic with YOUR dialogues. (8x10in  but most probably larger, depending on logistics). There might also be a T-shirt or mousepad or coffee mug to be won, but that’ll directly depend on the state of the economy and whether I get a new year bonus. But forget the prizes, that’s not important (especially if you’re me).

So send in your dialogues. Mind the word limit, there’s always a shortage of real estate in comics. And if you like the idea, DO publicize it in your blogs, poke it to your Facebook friends, scrap in on your Orkut gang and spam email it to your contact list. Remember, it’s not spam if you know the guy!

Update: Deepak points out in the comments – “No software guy is submitting an entry till you give out a deadline”. So the deadline is Monday 22nd December.

Update 2: The contest is OVER! – Now time to judge people. Oh, it’ll be brutal… Results in a few days.

Update 3: The results are over here.
Comic contest - Enter the dialogues

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