Comics from the month of July, 2009

Strange Weather Reports

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 | Comic, Television with 13 Comments

strange weather predictions comic

Don’t ask me WTF, and I won’t have to make up some bullshit explaining this. I am leaving this comic open to interpretation. Give it your best shot… the top answer wins the internetz.

Special bonus points if you can fit in important sounding words like sustainable, post-modern interpretation, microcosm, discourse and surreptitious. Double bonus if you use “existential”.

You might want to check out an older comic on Unexpected Rains. Very appropriate in this current weather.

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We The Biased

Monday, July 13th, 2009 | Comic with 38 Comments

We the biased

There! I’ve put it out in the open. I for one, am sick of Mumbai people continuously complaining about Delhi’s heat in the summers, Delhi’s cold in the winters and Delhi’s auto-wallahs all year round.

It’s OK… I don’t like Bombay local trains either.. they’re like the slave ships of old, except you’re standing and there’s no trail of feces and urine falling on you from the upper berth. Not everyday at least.

But since this is a thought provoking subject, and I like to pretend it’s a webcomic on society and stuff, I’ll link to a study that explains our biases and their cause. Also, my stats show a huge majority of my readers are in Mumbai and I’d like to keep them happy.

Brain Differences Reinforce Preferences For Those In Same Social Group

The study shows that perceiving others in pain activates a part of the brain associated with empathy and emotion more if the observer and the observed are the same race. The findings may show that unconscious prejudices against outside groups exist at a basic level

Link to article

Thanks for everyone who sent in their favorite Marathi gaalis on Twitter, SMS and Email. The Mumbai taxi photo is by Akshay Mahajan, who has allowed his great photos to be used by me previously too. The African Taxi Driver photo is by Gordy Munro, who said he usually doesn’t allow his photos to be used like this, but was interested in seeing what I came up with.
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