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The Birth of Captain Broadband

Sunday, January 17th, 2010 | Comic, Rants with 134 Comments


I live on a 256kbps connection, because the 2MBPS ones have a download limit of 8GB/month. After that it’s Rs 1/MB. Companies which provide 8MBPS lines do not lay wire in my area. I live in the capital of India.
8MBPS connections have a download limit of 4 GB. FOUR GIGABYTES. How fast do you think you’ll go through 4 GBs on a 8MBPS line? And at what price? You can buy a Tata Nano with the yearly expense of a 8MBPS line.

Where is the 3G we were promised? Where is the cheap broadband? I hear companies are pouring money into providing high speed broadband (as opposed to what?) lines to villages in India. I would be grateful if someone provides “real” broadband to Indian cities.
I’m particularly pissed at flash video players. Let’s make the Youtube player the standard for other sites. Many people outside India might not have noticed, but over here here’s how we watch Youtube videos.

  1. We open the video page.
  2. The video starts downloading (it’s 256kbps after all)
  3. We PAUSE the video and let it buffer till it can buffer no more.
  4. Now we press PLAY.
  5. #FML

There are some players which do not buffer when you press pause. There are players who DO buffer, but when you want to watch the video again, they buffer AGAIN. The developers of these players need to be kicked in the junk. Twice. Don’t they know bandwidth here is more precious than Unobtainium?

Who exactly is sitting on all the bandwidth? Is this 1995? Lookey here what the other countries are surfing at: Chart of broadband speed, penetration, and price.
What’s your broadband story? Are you happy? Have you found a better option? Let’s hear it in the comments

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