Comics from the month of February, 2010

In All Fairness

Monday, February 22nd, 2010 | Comic with 71 Comments

Fairify Your Desktop!

I made a wallpaper of the Fairness Cream products. You can download it here. (1024×768): Fairness Cream Wallpaper (2691)

Credits and such: In a shameful example of how to exploit twitter to get ideas for comics without self effort (also known as crowdsourcing), I asked people to suggest fairness cream names. The selected names are by @Pappuk89, @brainstuck and @VarunShenoy. The rest of the suggestions are below:

thefullmohanty: Fairplay

kishorcariappa: Fake & Lovely

pranxter Fakwite

nupurc123: Gori&Chamki

amrishj: Struck by lightening

suresheswaran: Doodh ka tukda; doodh se fair kaisa…

sidraj: gorni

rajeshp_us: jet white, MJ fair, black nomore, white mischief

additiyom: white & ghastly, white & loathesome (for men)…

adwittyeah: Kaala Chaand Fairness Cream

sanhelmet: Fa(i)rce; also -Black n’ white – (anti)fairness cream for all races; Fairy – for all orientations

VarunShenoy: Al Gorepan

rameshsrivats: White Until Dark

tantanoo: Erase ex?

nandaseth: dare and ghastly

moebile: phair and booty

brainstuck: Wanted 72, makes you wanted by opposite sex with in 72 hrs.

rameshsrivats: FairEx for childlike fair skin. FairOh – Be as fair as your mummy. Fair ‘n Height – Get Hot. AutoFair – Will get you


nakulshenoy:Safed Koyla? Or Whitecoal?

mercplus: the cream that comes with Ipad :D

nithinkd: get gori-geous

MrShri: Fake & Lovely

vishal_c: Cream de la Cream?

Pappuk89: fair&fugly..

All stock photos in this comic are from the public domain. The blurry people shot in frame 4 is by Chris and shared under CC:Attribution-ShareAlike license. This particular comic is also licensed under CC:Attribution-ShareAlike because it uses content released under this license. The tanned people photos are taken from Pale is the new Tan website. They are copyright their respective owners.

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News Two Point Oh

Sunday, February 14th, 2010 | Comic with 29 Comments

This comic is inspired by a tweet by RoyalGoombah. Thanks for breaking the dry spell! Previous instances of News Channel Comicry:

There’s a new Blog Post ( A Guest Post by BigFishMag.

Every smoker starts off life as a non-smoker. Unfortunately, the non-smokers fail to come to terms with this simple fact and treat their brethren with more contempt than there is for Israelis in Palestine. There has always been a war of sorts between the two (Both Israel-Palestine and Smoker-Nonsmoker). A non smoker hates a smoker because he smokes. A smoker hates a non smoker because the fucker just won’t let him smoke in peace!

Rest the rest of it on the blog.

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