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So finally the results are out. Got about 50 entries and it was tough selecting the top three. It’s like those judges on the reality shows! Anyway, here goes…

Winner Number Three by Vishal Mungi

Winner number two – Amjad

And the winner is – Manoj Gupta

Congratulations winners! I’ll be contacting you by email shortly.

Everyone who sent in their entries and spread the word by blogging about the contest: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Got some really great ideas, and a few new readers.

Update: According to the comments below, the Reader’s Choice Award goes to #3 – Vishal Mungi. The prize is the undying love of the FyF readers!

Update 2: Putting up all the entries in a badly formatted excel export page. Some are funny, some may offend you. Make judicious use of the horizontal scroll bar.

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