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Bollywood has wierd plots

Mr India was a great movie, and Mogambo was a great villain – second only to Gabbar Singh. Gabbar Singh, of course has had a sort of revival recently – all those viral videos etc, but Mogambo has been slightly outdated as the popular image of the terrorist changed over time.

Anyway, check out the Wikipedia entry on Mr India. (After the Hawa Hawaii song)

As a result of this, Seema discovers she is sexually attracted to him, though not to his civilian alter ego. She arranges to meet with him, with the result that they spend an erotic night together.

Woah! Did I get the censored version of the movie or did the entry author take certain liberties?

Here’s the opening sequence of Mr India from YouTube. Look closely as Daga and Teja are walking in a hallway in the first minute. There’s a robot walking along! Why didn’t Mogambo use the robot to fight Mr India? That would’ve been totally cool!

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