Ideal Wash Basin Behavior

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Ideal Wash Basin Behaviour in public

Public behavior at wash basins is weird. Some people actually don’t mind going the whole way and totally rinsing out just about every last bit of salad from the deepest parts of their mouths. There should be some rule like:

Spiting or rinsing your mouth in the wash basin should be punishable, if you have:

  • Eaten Pan,
  • Eaten a chocolate fudge ice cream,
  • Any purple colored vegetable,
  • Any food item which has the consistency of shampoo,
  • Anything not soluble in water in 20 seconds.

No wonder the Practical Moral Police is onto this…. the P.M.P. spares no one, and will soon be back with some new practical moral law enforcement.

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