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why awake the dead from their peaceful slumber

Now this might seem too petty… but I have a serious problem with my UPS. First, it’s not a totally UNinterrupted power supply. Everytime the mains go off, or there’s a fluctuation it resets the computer! Defeating the reason for it’s existence. So I consulted some “experts” and they said my old fashioned CRT monitor is a power hog and this delicate, tiny, flower like UPS can’t take the load. So I got 2 delicate flower like UPSes.

Now when the power goes off, they reset the computer and monitor separately. Progress!

But that’s not the problem, obviously the problem is when you have two UPSes in your bedroom and (horror of horror!) you forget to turn them off at night.

If any of you work in a UPS company: Seriously guys, What.The.Fuck ? ?

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Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha has probability problems. Europe map by David Liuzzo.
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