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Boring twiter updates

If you are still not addicted to Twitter, then this comic means nothing to you.

Being addicted to Twitter means compulsively checking your Tweetdeck every 5 mins and surprisingly finding satisfaction in the fact that @someguy just reached office 1 hour late. Or @somedude’s car is making strange noises. Or @officeperson’s boss is an idiot. You’re interested in knowing exactly which song @somegirl just heard on Blip.fm and when there’s a cricket match on, you don’t even have to check cricinfo because every other person is live twittering the score.

Then if something more interesting than breathing happens to you, you feel the urge to let it be known to the whole world. Or at least the 100 people who are following you. (Actually ~60 actual people. The rest are just bots).

If you are NOT on Twiter then you are a selfish person! How dare you deny others of the complete knowledge of how your day is going? Why aren’t you sharing your boring life with us? You think you’re better than us? Is it a state secret that you just had Rajma Chawal for lunch? You cant take this information to the grave… go on, sign up. Share.

A link and an animation:

The 14 Types of Twitter Personalities

Click here if you can’t see the video

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